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Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’


Plant type:    Deciduous shrub

Zone:    5-9

Height:    5-6 feet

Spread:    5-6 feet

Light:    Sun to Part Shade

Soil:    Moist, well drained

Uses:    Border, perennial beds

Flower:    Red magnolia like bloom with a sweet fragrance, blooms late spring through summer, reblooming shrub

Foliage:    Large glossy green almond shaped leaves

Pruning:    Prune after flowering

Deer Resistant:    Rarely  severely damaged




Varieties we commonly carry include:  Mariesii, Snowball


Plant Type:    Deciduous Shrub

Zone:    4-8

Height:    6-12 feet (see specific variety for more accurate height)

Spread:    6-12 feet (see specific variety for more accurate spread)

Light:    Sun, partial shade

Soil:    Average to rich, evenly moist

Uses:    Fragrant, early blooming, background, foundation, screening, hedge

Flower:    Pink buds turn to clusters of white flowers, fragrant, berries in fall

Foliage:    Green oval shaped leaves, many offer beautiful reds in autumn

Pruning:    Major pruning should be done in late winter or early spring, pruning right after flowering is usually sufficient

Deer Resistant:    Rarely severely damaged





Plant Type:    Deciduous shrub

Zone:    3-7

Height:    See specific variety for height

Spread:    See specific variety for spread

Light:    Full sun, partial sun

Soil:    Rich, moist, well-drained

Uses:    Fragrant flowers, hedge, fall color

Flower:    Panicles ranging in color from white, pink, and purples. Typically a spring bloomer, some will rebloom

Foliage:    Dark green oval leaves; some varieties offer color in fall, most remain green

Pruning:    Prune right after blooming

Deer Resistant:    Occasionally damaged