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Golden Vicary Privet


Plant Type:     Deciduous shrub (may be semi-evergreen in mild winters)

Zone:    5-8

Height:     8-12 feet

Spread:     8-10 feet

Light:     Full sun to partial shade.

Soil:     Can tolerate most soils provided that it is well-draining.

Uses:     Privacy screen, hedge, borders, specimen plant.

Flower:     White flowers in the summer.

Foliage:     Bright yellow-green leaves throughout the summer, deep purples, yellow and red in the fall.

Pruning:     Prune annually in the winter.

Deer Resistance:     Rarely damaged.

The golden privet is also heat and drought tolerant once established.



Varieties we commonly carry include:  Mariesii, Snowball


Plant Type:    Deciduous Shrub

Zone:    4-8

Height:    6-12 feet (see specific variety for more accurate height)

Spread:    6-12 feet (see specific variety for more accurate spread)

Light:    Sun, partial shade

Soil:    Average to rich, evenly moist

Uses:    Fragrant, early blooming, background, foundation, screening, hedge

Flower:    Pink buds turn to clusters of white flowers, fragrant, berries in fall

Foliage:    Green oval shaped leaves, many offer beautiful reds in autumn

Pruning:    Major pruning should be done in late winter or early spring, pruning right after flowering is usually sufficient

Deer Resistant:    Rarely severely damaged