Our trees and shrubs are warrantied with a replacement of equal or lesser value within 1 year if proper care is followed. Discounted plants are not warrantied. Plants must have been properly planted in the ground within a reasonable time after purchase and have followed proper care – see our care guide. Animal & insect damage or damage due to neglect is not warrantied. The customer must have the original receipt and picture proof of the plant’s recent condition. Annuals, perennials, grasses, houseplants, etc… are not warrantied.

Keep in mind we are dealing with nature and therefore, we must be vigilant gardeners! If your plant is not looking as good as it was when you purchased it, please consult with one of our staff horticulturists by bringing in pictures or emailing us before an issue goes too far.

No deciduous trees and shrubs will be considered for replacement until May 1. Often, these types of plants may experience delay in budding out due to our WNY climate.
For 40+ years our family appreciates your business and continue to do our best to bring you high quality garden products for your home.

All warranty and claims need to be submitted via email to claims@lavocatsnursery.com

Please allow 3-5 business days for a response.