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Varieties we commonly carry include:  Lynwood gold, Show off


Plant Type:    Deciduous shrub

Zone:    5-8

Height:    5-10 feet (see specific variety for height and spread)

Spread:    5-10 feet

Light:    Sun to part shade

Soil:    Adapts well to most soil types

Uses:    Borders, specimen plant, cut flowers

Flower:    Yellow flowers from the base of the plant to the tip, flowers in spring

Foliage:    Dark green foliage throughout the summer, yellow in the fall

Pruning:    Not often needed but can be trimmed after bloom

Deer Resistance:    Rarely severely damaged




Plant Type:    Deciduous shrub

Zone:    5-8

Height:    1-2 feet

Spread:    1-2 feet

Light:    Sun to partial shade

Soil:    Moist, well drained

Uses:    mass planting, borders

Flower:    Pink or white blossoms in spring

Foliage:    Green leaves on arching branches, deep burgundy fall color

Pruning:    Seldom needed but can be pruned after blooming

Deer Resistance:    Rarely severely damaged