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Thuja Upright

Varieties we commonly carry:  Green Giant, Nigra, Emerald


Plant Type:     Evergreen

Zone:     4-8

Height:     15-30 feet (see specific variety for height)

Spread:    4-10 feet (see specific variety for spread)

Light:     Full sun

Soil:     Grows best in fertile, consistently moist, well-drained, loamy soil.

Uses:     Privacy screen, border, hedge, windbreak, specimen.

Flower:     Non-flowering

Foliage:     Emerald green evergreen

Pruning:     Can prune in the spring to shape.

Deer Resistance:     Frequently damaged


Varieties we often carry:     Capitata, Densiformis, Hicksii


Plant Type:     Evergreen

Zone:     4-7

Height:     See specific variety for height.

Spread:     See specific variety for spread.

Light:     Sun to partial shade

Soil:     Well drained, sandy, slightly acidic soil with even moisture.

Uses:     Hedge, privacy screen, specimen, coastal exposure, border, mass planting,  urban garden, wildlife garden.

Flower:     Conifer, non-flowering, berry like cones.

Foliage:     Evergreen, needle foliage

Pruning:  Shear in summer annually to shape.

Deer Resistance:     Occasionally damaged.

Birds Nest Spruce


Plant Type:    Evergreen

Zone:     2-8

Height:     3-5 feet

Spread:     4-6 feet

Light:     Full to partial sun.

Soil:     Does best in slightly acidic, well-drained soils but can adapt to most soil types.

Uses:     Borders, containers, rock garden, specimen

Flower:     Non-flowering

Foliage:     Green needles on outward curving branches which creates the bird nest look.

Pruning:     Slow growing and low maintenance, should not requiring pruning.

Deer Resistance:    Rarely damaged



Varieties we commonly carry include:  Green mountain pyramidal, Green Velvet, Winter Gem


Plant Type:    Broadleaf evergreen

Zone:    4-8

Height:    2-4 feet

Spread:    1.5-4 feet

Light:    Partial shade to sun

Soil:    Average, well-drained

Uses:    Pyramidal or rounded accent, dense evergreen, topiary, formal edging, hedge

Flower:    Small yellow flowers in Spring

Foliage:    Small, dark green or variegated oval leaves, evergreen

Pruning:    May be pruned at any time, however, it is best to avoid pruning in late fall

Deer Resistant:    Rarely damaged