Growing Kindness

Being part of the local community and giving back is a core value of our business. Therefore, in 2020, we felt important to make that a priority and help others that have struggled during the pandemic. Over the past year we hosted 6 vendor fairs to highlight fellow small businesses that have not been as fortunate as ours. In addition we hosted environmentalists to help educate the public to the benefits of conservation. At Easter, we were happy to reach out to individuals and families in need with Tops Gift Cards. And we are just getting started!

We also do our best to be kind to the earth. We are dedicated to using more sustainable practices. We grow our vegetable plants with only organic methods for pest and disease control. All of our flowers are grown with the environment in mind, meaning we don’t use Neonic pesticides (harmful on bees) and have been integrating more natural methods of pest and disease control. We take the environmental issues very seriously and are helping our customers learn about better gardening practices. In spring 2021 we introduced the use of “earth pots” to reduce the use of plastic. We continue to recycle, repurpose and reuse all pots and trays customers return.