Supersweet 100 are the best cherry tomatoes, Roma is a great plum tomato, San Marzano makes great sauce, Beefsteak is a nice sliced tomato, Juliet is a very tasty grape tomato.


Varieties we commonly carry include: Beefsteak, Better Boy, Burpee Big Boy, Celebrity, Early Girl, Heinz, Heirloom Rainbow Blend, Husky Cherry Red, Juliet, Mortgage Lifter, Old German, Roma, San Marzano, Sunray Yellow, Super Sweet 100, Supersonic.

We also grow an assortment of specialty tomatoes including Tomatillo, Indigo Rose, and Heirlooms.

Our patio tomato varieties: Husky Cherry Red, Juliet, Patio Prize, Rapunzel, Super Sweet 100


Height: Can grow over 6′ tall

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