Summersweet Clethra


Plant Type:     Deciduous Shrub

Zone:     4-9

Height:     3-8 feet

Spread:     4-6 feet

Light:     Full sun – Full shade

Soil:  Does best in consistently moist, acidic, sandy soils.  Tolerates clay soils.  Soil should not dry out.

Uses:     Mass planting, borders, foundation, hedge.  Great flowering shrub for shade and woodland gardens or wet areas.

Flower:     Sweet scented, creamy white flowers bloom in mid to late summer.  These cone shaped flowers give way to interesting seed capsules through winter.

Foliage:     Deep green 2-4 inch serrated leaves turn to a golden yellow in fall.

Pruning:     Prune in late winter or early spring if needed (flowers on new wood).  Remove suckers as they appear unless a naturalized look is desired.

Deer Resistance:    Rarely damaged


This plant is native to the eastern US coast and attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and a variety of other birds as well as bees.