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Thuja Globes

Varieties we commonly carry:  Golden Globe, Little Giant, Rheingold


Plant Type:     Evergreen

Zone:     4-8

Height:     4-5 feet

Spread:     4-5 feet

Light:     Full to partial sun

Soil:     Does best in well drained loamy soil with consistent moisture.

Uses:     Border, container, wet areas, woodland gardens, rock gardens, hedge, mass planting, specimen.

Flower:     non flowering

Foliage:     Bright golden yellow or rich green foliage for these dwarf, globe-shaped arborvitaes.

Pruning:     Prune in the spring as needed to shape.

Deer Resistance:     Frequently damaged

Dappled Willow


Plant Type:     Deciduous

Zone:     4-9

Height:     6-10 feet

Spread:     6-10 feet

Light:     Full sun to partial shade.

Soil:     Thrives in enriched, moist soils.

Uses:     Specimen, border, woodland gardens, wet areas.

Flower:     Insignificant yellowish flowers in spring.

Foliage:    Beautiful pink foliage as new growth starts in the spring.  The colors then fade to soft greens, whites, and pinks  for the summer

Pruning:     Prune in winter.

Deer Resistance:     Rarely damaged.

This willow tolerates erosion, wet soils, and black walnut