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Thuja Globes

Varieties we commonly carry:  Golden Globe, Little Giant, Rheingold


Plant Type:     Evergreen

Zone:     4-8

Height:     4-5 feet

Spread:     4-5 feet

Light:     Full to partial sun

Soil:     Does best in well drained loamy soil with consistent moisture.

Uses:     Border, container, wet areas, woodland gardens, rock gardens, hedge, mass planting, specimen.

Flower:     non flowering

Foliage:     Bright golden yellow or rich green foliage for these dwarf, globe-shaped arborvitaes.

Pruning:     Prune in the spring as needed to shape.

Deer Resistance:     Frequently damaged

Dwarf Mugo Pine


Plant Type:      Evergreen

Zone:     2-8

Height:     3-5 feet

Spread:     6-10 feet

Light:     Full sun

Soil:     Grows best in well-draining, loamy, and enriched soil.

Uses:     Border,specimen, container, topiary, or rock gardens.

Flower:     Non-flowering.

Foliage:     Green  needles.

Pruning:     Prune in late winter or early spring to maintain compact shape.

Deer Resistance:     Deer resistant.




Varieties we commonly carry include: Floral Lace Cimson, Floral Lace Light Pink, Floral Lace Mix, Floral Lace Violet, Floral Lace Violet Picotee, Ideal Select Salmon, Sundae Blueberry, Super Parfait Raspberry, Jolt Cherry, Jolt Pink, Sweet Black Cherry

Light: Full Sun, Partial Sun

Height: 8-12″

Spread: 6-8″

Season of Interest: Spring, Summer, Fall

Attracts: Butterflies, Hummingbirds

Resists: Deer

Uses: Beds, Borders, Edging, Rock Gardens, Cut Flowers.

Dianthus performs best in cool temperatures around or below 70 degrees.  Tolerates Frost. May overwinter.