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Plant Type:     Deciduous shrub

Zone:     4-7

Height:     2-3 feet

Spread:     3-6 feet

Light:     Full sun to partial sun

Soil:     Grown in average, well-drained soils.

Uses:     Borders, Containers,  ground cover, mass planting, low hedge, erosion control

Flower:    Pink flowers in late spring, red berries that mature in summer and persist through the winter.

Foliage:      Glossy green oval leaves that turn rich purples, reds and bronzes in the fall.

Pruning:     Prune annually in the winter to maintain

Deer Resistance:     Rarely damaged

Burning Bush


Plant Type:    Deciduous shrub

Zone:    4-8

Height:    4-8 feet

Spread:    4-6 feet

Light:    Sun

Soil:    Well drained, tolerates all pH levels but prefers slightly acidic soil

Uses:    Foundation, hedges, grouping

Flower:    No significant flower

Foliage:    Deep green leaves turn a brilliant red in fall

Pruning:    Early spring

Deer Resistant:    Occasionally severely damaged